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Managing product data and product configurations

What are the issues arising from inefficient product data and how can addressing those issues help optimize business processes?

Managing product data and product configurations

Structural complexity and market diversity place high technical demands on the digital representation of tangible configurable products. On top of that, product cycles and continuous product maintenance further complicate configuration processes. Which variants are technically feasible and are ultimately approved by the sales department? That depends on how flexibly products may be individually configured according to the sophisticated definition of rules that bind features into those products. Future portfolios may be complemented by adjacent products and services. All of these factors must be integrated into consistent, customer-specific offers. To achieve this, configuration rules must be more flexible and powerful than the simple inclusion and exclusion rules commonly used by current systems.

When offers turn into orders, production needs the right parts for each of them. Since complex products usually consist of thousands of parts per order, there needs to be comprehensive planning and requirements calculation with huge quantities as results.

In the case of product recalls, affected product instances must be identified as soon as possible. For this purpose, knowledge of the configured equipment, the installed parts, and the place and time of production is essential.

In the event of major changes in demand or supply bottlenecks, large order contingents often have to be rescheduled. The place and time of production can change, as can the target markets, sales dates, order quantities and order contents. A comprehensive transformation of these orders becomes necessary. Here, scenario-based planning is a reasonable approach.

Product data forms the basis for mastering these challenges. Having good product data enables a holistic view of the product, which includes the views of all actors from production, product management and sales. Perfect product data describes the real product precisely and consistently. It defines all possible variants over a defined period of time and for any point in time during this period. This enables flexible, continuous and verifiable maintenance.

Currently, data for complex products is far from perfect. Data maintenance is fragmented across company divisions at the expense of overall consistency. Particularly complex and error-prone is the maintenance of time validity. The tools and representations used are often unintuitive from both a technical and user perspective. At best, they offer simple static checks. Whether the data correctly represents the product for any point in time in the future is left to the intuition and expertise of the data maintainers. This often overwhelms even experienced professionals and unexpected errors occur when the data needs to be used in practice.

The overall consequences are severe. Customers have problems with the selection or configuration of a product and complain to support teams, or they try their luck with another manufacturer. Products must be temporarily removed from digital marketplaces or cannot be produced in time because components are missing or wrong orders were placed.

Any analysis and corrections usually take place under enormous time pressure. They are very time-consuming and extremely costly.

Our Solution

To meet these challenges, we have developed ZeroNtropy, a solution for the high-quality digital representation of complex products. ZeroNtropy uses a holistic, dynamic product data model comprising variants, markets, time and price information. It can remember changes and versions and adapt products at runtime.

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Manage complex products

Manage complex products, variants and product cycles with ease.

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Creation of innovative and heterogeneous products and service offers.

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Extensive and preemptive product data quality assurance.

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Intuitive to use, eliminates errors and saves time and money in data maintenance.

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Our customers manage complex but tangible market and customer-specific products in an increasingly digitized environment.

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